Saturday, May 31, 2008

May is over...

May is officially over and I already feel like half of this summer is gone. I got to graduate this year and I am very proud of myself:) My undergradute studies are it's time to look for a graduate school.
We don't really have any big plans for this summer besides working and hanging out with our friends. I don't get to work for various reasons, so Shaun is the main provider:) I'm very thankful for him...he does a great job taking care of our family...even after a long day of work he comes him with energy for me and Hudson. He never forgets to make me feel loved and cared about. Shaun is an amazing husband and dad...I absolutely love watching him playing with Hudson...he does such a good job!
In August my siblings are coming...yeay!!! They will finally meet Hudson...I haven't seen them in a very long time (since our wedding). They will stay with us for two weeks...I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!
A friend of mine (you know who you are:)), made me realize something very important today - no matter what is going on in our lives, no matter how hard it gets, there is always that one person that is there for us - our wonderful GOD!!! We can have nothing, but we will always have God on our side. I used to be able to trust God no matter what...that's what my parents and life taught me! But now it's just hard...we have been dealing with different issues in the past few months, and those who know me know how much difficult situations affect me...I get depressed! It's been so hard to turn to God and let Him lift the baggage of my's funny that something so easy can be so hard to do! If you ever asked me what I hate the most, I would say causes problems whether you have it or not! Before I got married, I never had to worry about paying bills, buying food, or gas. Those things were either unecessary or given to me. Life changed when me and Shaun said our vows:) Things got we have to be adults. I hate being an adult sometimes...there are just too many responsibilites!!! is always a problem...this summer is extra hard because we don't have a steady job and yet there are still bills, rent, gas, diapers, etc. So what can I do to make it better? Well, I can't work...the best option is to sit down and pray. I need to trust God! I need to know that He will take care of us no matter what. He has been doing it my whole life. So, Michelle, thank became my inspiriation today:)
I was really worried about this summer because a lot of my friends and neighbors left, and I felt very lonely at times, but as the first few weeks went by I realized that this will just give me an opportunity to get to know better those friends that stayed around. There will be campfires, lake days, and other fun get ready people...well, let's wait for some nicer days, since it hasn't been too warm lately:) I also realized that since I am not able to work I should use my time to hang out with my little baby boy Hudson...we discovered Diamond Point Park by BSU and we love it! Hudson can play in the sand, and swing a little. We spent few hours over there on Saturday and it was wonderful!
Well, I want to keep writing but it's so late, that I think I'm going to sleep...I will write more some other time...