Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We are finally moving into a house:) I have been waiting for some clarity for a while now and we finally got the OK from our landlord. Yay! I can't wait...it's a perfect size for us...2 car garage...unfinished basement for Shaun's toys;)....3 bedrooms...1 bathroom and awesome colors:) The only work that needs to be done is decorating which I absolutely love!!!! I have everything planned out...can 't wait!:) The big move is on Feb. 27th...have I mentioned it will be the 3rd time we are moving within a year or so...craziness!!!! I should be a pro in packing by now...hehe:) but im not...I still hate it!!! But this time we are renting a U-haul so it should go smooth.
As far as other stresses that we have been having...well they are gone...God took care of everything and we once again learned that He has everything in His hands and our worrying doesn't help anything! We were very nervous about our taxes since Shaun is self-employed so we actually have to pay in a lot more in taxes now. Well it turned out that being in a lower tax bracket pays off because you get all these credits that take care of the taxes you owe...plus we got a little bit of a refund which is always helpful! so yay God!:)