Friday, September 25, 2009


Last night I went to the River, which is a college ministry led by some of our closest friends here in Spearfish. I absolutely love the River!!!! Anyways...I was very inspired and convicted by last night's message and thought I could share some of those thoughts...we will see how much I remember ;)

"The godly give good advice to their friends, the wicked lead them astray" - Proverbs 12:26...I have been thinking a lot lately about friendships...whether they are mine present friendships or past or people who have bad friends. Isn't amazing how much our life is influenced but those who sourround us?! When I was in high school I had two groups of friends...those who went to Youth Group with me and those who didn't know God at all. I was close to both of them but just in different aspects of my life. My friends from church were my spiritual support at that time and they had no clue what I was doing outside of church. So really they just knew one side of me. My other friends asked a lot of questions about my faith, and I not only talked about it but also acted most of the time like a Christian would. That is why I have never thought it was wrong for me to hang out with my non-Christian friends all the time. The problem was that they weren't building me up spiritually...if anything they were bringing me down. To them it didn't matter if they went and got drunk every weekend or if their every other word was a swear word or if the girls were dressing up "slutty" to get the guys attention. So in my head I thought I was doing the right thing by hanging out with them because I still ocassionally talked about God, yet my actions didn't relfect Him at all!!! What I'm trying to say is that those friends were leading my astray! What kind of a Christian am I if I participate in their partying and to some degree encourage them?!What kind of a friend am I if I let them go this sinful path straight to Hell???!!! That is not what a friend does!!! I definitely didn't do my job as a child of God. Many Many Many times I thought about my life and what it looked liked and how I run away from the people that had a good influence on me just to "have some fun". I should have done something about it...I wish I have spent more time with those who could uplift me....those who could have said "Marta what are you doing with your life?!"...I wish I let them in!!! And you know why? Because even though it's been years since I last partied...those memories come back to me once in a while and hunt me down. The things I did might have been forgiven by our God but those memories are a like a baggage that you bring with you for the rest of your life! And it sucks!!! So if you are in this situation right now, where you know it's time to make a choice...choose wisely!!! Whatever you do...remember it will affect your life forever!!!

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