Sunday, September 27, 2009

It was a great day...

Saturday was awesome! I got to hang out with some of my best games, eat amazing food, and simply laugh!!! I love to laugh :) It is not news to those of you who know me :) At night bunch of us girls went to see "The Ugly Truth" and oh boy it was a weird movie...funny at times and also very inappropriate...It did have some good points about how men think and perceive things, though. Once again it made me think about how different guys and girls are, and how "weird" it is that God created us like that on purpose and with a purpose in mind. Did He know that because of those differences we would never be able to completely understand each other? And that we would constantly argue because of is so intriguing :) Anyways...I just wanted to say that I absolutely love my friends!!! Last night was a blast!!!

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